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The International Federation of Settlement and Neighbourhood Centres: Global Connections for Local Social Justice – is a global network connecting community organisations. The IFS facilitates networking between its members, and the exchange of ideas and best practice through online forums, conferences, training and exchanges.

Locality – is the UK network of community-led organisations which grew from a merger of the British Association of Settlements and Social Action Centres (bassac ) and the Development Trust Association (DTA).  Approximately 100 of Locality’s 500 member organsiations have roots in the Settlement movement.

The Development Trusts Association Scotland – has strong links with Locality and supports community organisations in Scotland.


Toynbee Hall – was established in the East End of London by Samuel and Henrietta Barnett in 1884.  Toynbee Hall remains an important centre for community activity in London’s East End and continues to have an impact on many peoples lives.

Oxford House Settlement – was established by the University of Oxford also in 1884 in London’s East End. From its base in Bethnal Green Oxford House Settlement has a packed programme and also rents out its spaces including a chapel, theatre, gallery and dance studio.

Cambridge House Settlement

Barton Hill Settlement – originally established by the University of Bristol in 1911, Barton Hill is a thriving community assest with a full programme of activities for the local community. As well as renting out space to external organisations, Barton Hill provides various clubs, adivice hubs and a cafe.

Manchester Settlement – was originally founded in 1895 by the University of Manchester and moved into a new £2.2m centre in 2009.  Among it’s current activities, Manchester Settlement provides schooling, supported housing, legal advice and childcare.


University settlements, social settlements and educational settlements –  interesting webpages about the history of the settlement movement with a focus on education.

Bradley, Kate. Poverty, Philanthropy and the State: the University Settlements and the Urban Working Classes, 1918 – 1979, Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2009.

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Hamilton, R. Social Settlement Houses: The Educated Women of Glasgow and Chicago

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The Worn Doorstep– an online history of the Northwestern Settlement, the oldest continually running Settlement in Chicago

Human Rights Watch – World Report 2015



The University of Glasgow

Club 21 Internships 

Student Representative Council 


Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector