The Scottish Cot Death Trust

The Scottish Cot Death Trust is the only cot death charity in Scotland. It has three main aims:

  • To improve and extend the support for bereaved families
  • To raise funds for research into the cause(s) of cot death
  • To educate the public and health care professionals about cot death and ways of reducing the risks


With the success of the back to sleep campaign in the 1990s the incidence of cot death in Scotland fell dramatically. The rate of death each year is now ‘stuck’ and some of these cases could have been prevented if parents had followed safe sleeping advice more closely. Find a Solution supported two students to review existing routes for education and promotion of safe sleeping messages to young/hard to reach groups in the Glasgow area. The FIND A SOLUTION: SCOTTISH COT DEATH TRUST REPORT 2013  also recommend potential options for developing further communication routes and strategies.