Friends of the Earth

guestThrough a Friends of the Earth proposal, the Settlement supported two students, Morven and Roisin, to research recommendations to improve the University of Glasgow’s environmental policies and practices. Following the Friends of the Earth: FAS Report 2011  which they compiled together, Roisin submitted a successful bid to The Chancellors Fund for, initially, a pilot project to put the recommendations of their research into practice.

Glasgow University Settlement
GUEST Pilot Meeting

The students involved began in January 2012 and had specific targets including improving recycling on campus alongside raising awareness, they also investigated the possibility of having a recycling hub on campus and advised Hospitality Services on ethical procurement and the possibility of introducing a ‘keepcup’ scheme. During the pilot project GUEST also engaged students on issues such as biodiversity and energy conservation on campus and drew attention to both past achievements and future initiatives. The team also prioritised a bicycle promotion campaign and looked into funding for bicycle hire vouchers, maintenance workshops and cycling proficiency classes.

Since then, Glasgow University Environmental Sustainability Team have become a body of the university based within Estates and Buildings Department funded by University Services.

Employing twelve part time students as well as interns and volunteers to continue to research and catalyse improvements to the University’s environmental sustainability practice they are currently focusing on the following initiatives: Sustainable Food, Recycling, Energy Conservation, Biodiversity, Willowbank Community Garden, Sustainable Transport, Carbon Conversations, Sustainable Academia, Events and Communications


The students presenting their findings to the University's senior management.
The students presenting their findings to the University’s senior management.

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