Find a Solution – Testimonials

Organisation Testimonials

Legal Services Agency 2015

“The Women and Young Persons’ Department of Legal Services Agency was privileged to receive assistance from the Find a Solution/ITI3 Project this summer.

The Department assists women in Scotland who have been affected by violence and refugee and migrant children and young people. It also has a remit to contribute to policy, training and research activities in order to improve outcomes for its client group within Scotland. The Department receives funding in order to deliver this specialist service and it often has a waiting list of clients who wish to access its services.

The Department requires to gather a large variety of information regarding the nature and extent of the client casework it does. This is for its funders but also so that it can effectively contribute to research and policy within Scotland. The Department were using an antiquated and time consuming process in order to do this.

Alex and Viktor were assigned to the Department for the summer from the Programme. They revised how the Department gathered information. They installed a more efficient system of gathering data which ensures that the Department can quickly and efficiently access up-to-date information about its client group in a variety of formats.

This has saved the Department, on average, 25 working days a year. This means that more clients can be assisted by the Department from its waiting list and means we can input more meaningful data into national conversations regarding our client group.

We are very grateful for the expertise, energy and commitment from the whole of the Programme Team which has ensured a revolutionary change to the Department’s day to day work.

I thought the whole process was seamless, highly professional and excellent quality! I wish you the best of luck in the future with it.”

Kirsty Thomson, Solicitor, Women and Young Persons’ Department, Legal Services Agency Ltd

Erskine FAS 2015

“I would like to thank you all for the very successful outcome I believe Erskine has received from our association with the University of Glasgow Settlement and Find a Solution programme. The interest, encouragement and support you gave to me, Dan and Caitlyn was truly marvellous and has resulted in some oral histories that will now become part of our legacy. The spin-off, which perhaps none of us would necessarily have predicted, is that Dan and Caitlyn will have some of their work included in the book about Erskine to be published next year, which in my view is testament to the quality of their work.

From the outset I found the application process, administration and selection of the candidates to be flawless…I know both Dan and Caitlyn appreciated and benefitted from the support they received from Cheryl and the rest of the team at the University Archives, which added real depth to their research. The whole process was brought to a fitting conclusion at the presentations yesterday, which I found both stimulating and inspiring.

Thank you again for all your support and I wish the GU Settlement every success in the future”

Steve Conway, Chief Executive, Erskine

Roar: Connections for Life, 2015

“Being successful in being awarded the FAS summer internship students has been an extremely positive experience. The solution we needed to find was never going to have a neat and simple answer and this was a very new and challenging experience for the students however it was also a great opportunity to have fresh eyes testing assumptions and looking at the problems from a different perspective.
We also found it very refreshing to engage with young people who had applied and taken an interest in helping older adults – an even more impressively from different countries and cultures. The team and students all shared fundamental core values of valuing human dignity and empowering people and communities to promote positive changes.
The outcomes in terms of the work undertaken within limited timescales was impressive but it is the legacy that will have the biggest impact for the charity in terms of the research findings supporting further funding bids and the connections created through the involvement of the students.
The final positive is the valuable experience that this has given the students and their reflections on this which will help to develop their project management abilities, communication skills and empathy with isolated and lonely people wherever they go.”

Nicola Hanssen, General Manager, Roar: Connections for Life

Maggies Centres, 2015

“This has been a really important piece of work for us and one which Maggie’s would not have otherwise been able to resource.
“The successful administration of our Centres relies on the data collection and thanks to the support we have had from the ITI3 scheme at the University of Glasgow Settlement, we now feel we are heading in the right direction with that while maintaining our focus on providing our programme of free practical, emotional and social support to people with cancer, as well as their family and friends.”
“I would like to thank everyone involved through the University of Glasgow Settlement for all their efforts.”

Gillian Hailstones, Head of Operations, Scotland.

Bridging the Gap, 2011

“The support Claire and Bruce provided was invaluable. They really were committed to doing the best job they possibly could and we’re very grateful for their help.

Knowing they had this important task in hand allowed us to focus on delivering our services as effectively as possible to local people. The information they gathered will play a key part in planning our activities over the next two years.”

Tricia McConalogue, project co-ordinator

New Rhythms for Glasgow 2011

“Being involved with the Find A Solution project has had a tremendous impact for us. The students have not only helped evaluate our pilot project and demonstrated to funders a need for the project to continue but have also undertaken a mapping exercise which will help develop new opportunities and partnerships.
Anne-Sophie and Shona’s work from the last two months will have a positive long-term impact on the organisation and we thoroughly enjoyed working with them.” Louise Storrie, Creative Director
Friends of the Earth/ University of Glasgow 2011
“Roisin and Morven have made a real contribution to helping the University become more environmentally-friendly and encourage staff and students alike to be more conscious of their impact on the planet.
The work they have done will help to strengthen and extend the University’s existing environmental policies.”

Professor Roger Downie. University of Glasgow/Friends of the Earth

Student Testimonials

Kristina Lazarova, Maggies Centres FAS/ITI3, 2015

“The ITI3 project gave me the great opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired from my Computing Science course to a real IT problem in an organisation. The project gave me the chance to experience working in an office environment in a team which enlightened my understanding on many computer science concepts. Taking part in the project helped me realize how important the job of a computer scientist is and deepened my interest in the subject”.

Pia-Katharina Andres, Roar FAS, 2015

“Working on a “Find a Solution” project with “Roar – Connections for Life” helped me realise the importance of building healthy, socially inclusive communities, as well as giving me an insight into the culture and day-to-day life of communities in the West of Scotland. It also made me aware of the cultural and logistical barriers involved in creating social change.
I enjoyed being able to gain work experience and develop transferable skills through a meaningful activity – it feels great to have produced something that will be valuable to the local community.
The flexibility of the work and the support which was provided as required made the project even more enjoyable. Personally, I would have appreciated more opportunities to network with interns from other projects”.

Rebecca Harkes, DRECT FAS, 2013

“My experience with my Find A Solution project was a very positive one. From the outset, we were welcomed by our charity and made to feel like part of the team.

The experience of structuring an independent research project, creating a timeline and working out how to achieve our project objectives has been an excellent way to prepare me for my dissertation and any research I carry out in the future. I also gained first-hand experience of carrying out research through different methods such as face-to-face surveys, written surveys and semi-structured interviews.

I am proud of the report that we produced and feel that it has helped to identify issues the charity is facing in the community and possible ways of tackling them. Being involved in this project has made me feel more confident about dealing with any problems I may face in my future career.

Finally, the FAS project allowed me to meet a great group of people. I was really impressed with the work that DRCET to help the local community. I have continued my involvement with DRCET and hope to keep this up in the future.”