Find a Solution 2017

The following organisations were assisted to Find a Solution by teams of 2 students during the summer of 2017:

  • Lambhill Stables: An analysis of the needs of the area using demographic statistics and other data.
  • Indepen-Dance: An analysis of the impact of participation as a tool for developing future strategy
  • St Paul’s Youth Forum:  A business plan for a “city farm”.

In addition, 2 students from the School of Computing Science assisted Kingsway Health and Wellbeing with their IT system.

Please find below the reports and posters for the Find a Solution projects that took place in 2017.

Lambhill Stables Report

Lambhill Stables POSTER

Blackhill’s Growing

‘The Story of Indepen-dance’ Report

Indepen-dance – POSTER

GU Settlement Exhibition Poster

ITI3 Kingsway Health POSTER

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