FAQ – for students

Find a Solution FAQs

Who can apply?

All students are eligible to apply, from first year to final year and postgraduate (Masters and PhD) students.

When do I do the work?

We usually ask students to work for an eight week period from June to August, the exact timing is decided by you and the organisation you are working for. It is not strict 9-5 working hours we just ask you to ensure your project is completed and written up by the date of the presentations which will be at the start of September (date to be confirmed). It is important that you are available in person to present the outcomes of the project.

What qualifications do I need?

Each organisation has set out in the project proposals what they want from the two students they select.

Where do I do the work?

Work can be carried out in the offices of the organisation, in the library, from your own home, wherever is required. Although you will have to meet regularly with the host organisation to feedback and ensure the project is progressing.

Will I be working alone?

No, two students are usually chosen to work with each organisation.

When do I get my bursary?

You usually receive your bursary in three instalments of £500.

How do I apply?

Please complete the online application form when it becomes available online.

Will I get any help or support for the University of Glasgow Settlement? 

Yes, you will be assigned a pastoral and an academic mentor throughout the period of your project.


Who do I contact with a question?

For all enquiries relating to Find a Solution please email the University of Glasgow Settlement at uogsettlement@gmail.com.