FAS/ITI3 2015

In 2015 we launched our first FAS/ITI3 programme through which computing science students help solve IT issues or problems faced by local charities. Over the summer students worked with the Legal Services Agency (LSA) and the Maggie’s Centres to help them ensure a “revolutionary change to (their) day to day work”.

Testimonial from LSA:

The Women and Young Persons’ Department of Legal Services Agency was privileged to receive assistance from the Find a Solution/ITI3 Project this summer.

The Department assists women in Scotland who have been affected by violence and refugee and migrant children and young people. It also has a remit to contribute to policy, training and research activities in order to improve outcomes for its client group within Scotland. The Department receives funding in order to deliver this specialist service and it often has a waiting list of clients who wish to access its services.

The Department requires to gather a large variety of information regarding the nature and extent of the client casework it does. This is for its funders but also so that it can effectively contribute to research and policy within Scotland. The Department were using an antiquated and time consuming process in order to do this.

Alex and Viktor were assigned to the Department for the summer from the Programme. They revised how the Department gathered information. They installed a more efficient system of gathering data which ensures that the Department can quickly and efficiently access up-to-date information about its client group in a variety of formats.

This has saved the Department, on average, 25 working days a year. This means that more clients can be assisted by the Department from its waiting list and means we can input more meaningful data into national conversations regarding our client group.

We are very grateful for the expertise, energy and commitment from the whole of the Programme Team which has ensured a revolutionary change to the Department’s day to day work.